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Pocket PC is alive!

Pocket PC boots for the first time.


BAIN! : This is definitely going to blow up! Cant wait for this to get the attention it deserves :)
elHokusPokus : Cant wait to get it!
Tachiro Akisu : I still use my pocket chip. So.... this is
Tachiro Akisu : **grabby hands**
Gimme gimme gimme!
ParaMedium :

Popcorn gameplay (PC Game, 1988)

Gameplay for Popcorn, Dos PC game produced by Lacral in 1988 - http://www.squakenet.com/download/popcorn/4233/
Playing through several levels of this Breakout-style arcade game.
Played through Dosbox emulation platform.
Recorded with original sound.

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Philip Katikov : One of my first PC games!
Виктор Златопольев : I played this game constantly from the fall of 1999 to the spring of 2000. Usually I lost at 10-20 levels, but there were more luck. Usually I played until the moment my older brother came, or in the evening when my parents came home, these were probably one of the few happy moments (although in that early childhood there were more of them than there were later) now I'm almost 30, two months away.
mrwensveen : Gotta love the fishbowls :). I hated that you had to wait so long at the start of the game before you could start, but for a CGA game it was pretty cool.
Dmitri Ivanov : I actually finished this game once as a kid. I believe there were 50 levels (compared to 33 in Arkanoid), and overall it was way more difficult than Arkanoid, which I finished a bunch of times. At the end, if I remember correctly, there was an animation of the same character as in the intro (the one that holds "popcorn" sign), only this time he way holding one of his palms facing up, and there were bricks flying out of his palm one by one eventually forming a word "Bravo!" on the screen.
Виктор Златопольев : I remember playing it a lot at the age of 8 (it was 1999-2000. A couple of times I managed to reach 42, then after long "training" to 46, and it was on a modern computer at that time, and the speed of the game was much faster, without slowing utilities. My father (which by the way, I wildly hate, however, like my mother, but this is a very long story, and in all fairness) said that there are 50 levels. Father was a Soviet programmer, played it back in 1989 year, he was considered smart, but in fact he was a rather disgusting person.By the way, at that moment when he reached level 46, and these were rare happy moments when the computer was not busy (because if the parents left home, and the house was the same dumb than father, older brother) father was present at this moment and encouraged in every possible way, like come on, click, you have small chances.
A little nostalgia

How to download movies from popcorn time.

If you have any questions just ask them in the comment section, and ill get back to you as soon as possible.
Frank Gomez : Thank you very much for explaining yourself apparently I went through 19 different videos on here on YouTube another one made sense and they made it really difficult and he skipped a lot of things you did it thank you very much for showing me how to do this now that I can download movies for my daughters when I’m on the road I hope you can do more videos that can explain step-by-step like the way you just did keep up the good work bro
Y Y : thank you very much for the tutorial and hope you make a video teaching us how to download movies with captions
Victor Kalfabun : I did all the same step you explain, but when I move the file to my desktop the movie, the movie isn't finish, you have to watch the whole movie then you can download. Is that possible because I do not want to watch the move while its downloading, I want to download it right away and watch it offline. Please explain.
ilan Nahshon : Thanks.Good video. Question : I cant find advance setting on newer version (Yes,i clicked setting but got only few options
Oliver : Thank you so much this helped a lot bro




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