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Why Levi's Dominates Denim

Levi Strauss \u0026 Co. is considering an IPO in 2019. Levi's patented jeans in 1873 and remains the biggest denim retailer in the U.S. 150 years later. Though it often missed major fashion trends in previous decades, the 2010s have brought Levi's back to popularity. Watch this video to find out how.

Denim sales have been outpacing the overall apparel industry. Research from The NPD Group has apparel growing 1 percent, while the denim industry is growing 5 percent.

Levi Strauss reported revenue of $1.39 billion for the quarter ending Aug. 26, up 10 percent from the previous year. The San Francisco-based company reports quarterly earnings because its debt is publicly listed.

Consumers were substituting their jeans for yoga pants and leggings, but it looks like fashion could be swinging back in favor of denim.

"I think that the outlook for jeans is positive," UBS analyst Jay Soles told CNBC. "Athleisure — performance apparel — that trend has changed a lot."

Nostalgia and streetwear have brought back styles from the 1980s and 1990s, benefiting iconic brands like Levi's. Analysts think a new style is on the horizon to unseat skinny jeans, the last big denim trend.

"It is an opportune time [for a Levi's IPO] if there is a denim cycle coming back," Macquarie Capital analyst Laurent Vasilescu said.

If not, shoppers will still be waiting two or three years to buy a new pair of jeans, instead of only one, like before athleisure dominated.

Levi's won't be the only new stock for investors looking to try on jeans this year. VF Corp, which owns rival denim brands Lee and Wrangler, announced in August that it would be spinning off its jeans brands into a separate public company called Kontoor Brands. The move will allow the company to focus on growing its other brands, like Vans and The North Face.

VF Corp had been aiming to complete the spinoff in March. It filed the paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission in mid-December, but CFO Scott Roe told analysts on an earnings conference call in January that the partial federal government shutdown could delay Kontoor's market debut.

A volatile stock market could also mean that Levi's lands short of the $600 million to $800 million that it reportedly wants to raise through the IPO. Despite a resurgence in its Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands, PVH Corp, which has a market value of $8.3 billion, is down 26 percent over the last 52 weeks. While VF Corp's stock, with a market value of $36.2 billion, is faring better thanks to its non-denim brands, shares are only up 3 percent in the last year.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC

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Why Levi's Dominates Denim
Sean Shannon : In my view Levi's are too caught up in the fast fashion business. I wish that they would go back the core of a well made pair of jeans that lasts 10 years. There is nothing better than a well worn pair of jeans that have faded with time, not these stretch jeans that lose their shape and you throw away after a year or two.
GreenAppelPie : I was a major Levi's fan and was all I wore until they started making them overseas and out of much thinner denim. They used to last for quite some time and got so soft and comfortable.
Akiyachef_52 : By the way for people looking for the older type of Levi’s jeans they have a separate line specifically for the whole high quality and long lasting market, they’re called “Levi’s Made & Crafted”
Steven Berns : I stopped wearing Levi's for years, but they won me back with the 512. Great fit and washes.
Soomin Kim : bought a thrift store pair of levi's, easily best purchase I've made in a while. comfortable, still durable, and looks good

YA LEVIS 2022-2021 MIX - 10 Meilleures Chansons YA LEVIS de 2022-2021 - Nouveauté Musique 2022-2021

YA LEVIS 2022-2021 MIX - 10 Meilleures Chansons YA LEVIS de 2022-2021 - Nouveauté Musique 2022-2021

1. Nakati
2. Katchua
3. Liballa
4. Mbangu Te
5. Lokesha
6. Penzi
7. Pour Moi
8. Aïcha
9. Ysl
10. Love
Haley Reid : He is a touch of heaven in a man. His voice, sound, style of music is everything.
I don't know the language but the language knows my body.
Love this dude ❤️❤️
Julie Tbs : Tellement bons ces sons qui ambiancent direct et nous plongent dans un mood très spécial sexy ahah ✨
Maisha Yangu : I don't understand the language but I fall in love with him, his voice, his everything it's that serious... I love Ya Levis as a matter of fact I married him ten times in my head
Tony Duffy : This man, the sound, the language is too smooth I love it!!!
Sphinx Namikazé : Pure Masterclass monumentale , l'album divin ultime . Magnifique ❤❤❤

The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original | Full Documentary

Levi's® presents The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original, a three-part documentary that celebrates the 501® Jean’s influence on popular culture.


We trace the 501® Jean's roots as a utilitarian garment for coal miners, cowboys, industrial workers, all the way to the creative workers who continue to wear it today.


For the first time Levi’s® are worn for their look, rather than function. Hollywood stars adopt it for decades and the 501® Jean becomes a style icon: continuing to inspire contemporary designers and style leaders.


The 501® Jean is a symbol for countercultures as broad as biker clubs, punk, rap, skateboarding, and art movements. It can be seen on crowds through decades of activism: from beats to hippies, LGBTQ rights protests, to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott is one of folk music's most enduring characters. A protege of Woody Guthrie in the late '50s, Elliott has been hailed as an influence on artists from Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, to the Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead.

Henry Rollins, John Baldessari, Erin Wasson, Gary Burden, Andy Spade, Mark McNairy, Eddie Huang, Steven Alan, Jim Walrod, Kim Hastreiter, Mel Ottenberg, Scott Schuman, Lee Ranaldo, Darren Romanelli, Greg Chapman, Hal Fischer, Rachel Wang, and MANY, MANY MORE.

Ernest Greene (Washed Out) and Squeaky E Clean Productions.

Harry Israelson
C. Spencer : I buy all my Levis at good will, salvation army and thrift stores. I have only destroyed one pair in 30 years. best damned jeans for the money.
BrazilianTVHD : In 1992, The Washington Post exposed the company’s exploitation of Chinese prison labor to make jeans. Levi Strauss responded by creating a code of labor standards. But when the venerable American brand shifted all of its manufacturing overseas in 2002, laying off thousands of workers, it resorted once again to relying on labor from China, Bangladesh and nearly 50 other countries. Many of these factories, including a Levi Strauss supplier in Durango, Mexico, have been accused of violating the company’s ethical code by not allowing labor organization, forcing workers to work more than 12 hours a day and withholding overtime pay. In 2005, workers fired from the Durango supplier for organizing successfully won their jobs back, with overtime and back pay.
Mason : Ive rewatched this many times through the 2 years its been out, and my god is this a beautiful documentry. It deserves so much more recognition.
Keith Baker : Thanks to Levi Strauss & Co. for producing this video. My family was involved in the denim manufacturing industry for many decades, and I worked in a cotton mill from my 16th birthday until I graduated from college six years later. There are still family members and friends working at Mt. Vernon Mill in Trion, Georgia. I enjoy watching this video periodically.
Deb Annas : Have LOVED Levi’s since my first pair over 50 years ago!! Yes, I’m a woman but LOVE the fit and feel of the men’s jeans! Have never worn a pair out but have “outgrown “ a few




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